2019 Frankfurt Climate and Sustainable Energy Finance (CSEF) Summer Academy

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1 Jul 2019 to 5 Jul 20192 Dec 2019 to 6 Dec 2019

Frankfurt School, Germany

The Frankfurt School - UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance

The Frankfurt School - UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance (the Centre) is committed to facilitating the necessary structural change of energy supply and use around the globe by helping to catalyse private sector capital flow towards investments in sustainable energy and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Its work is designed to encourage and assist the finance community to scale-up current investment, or to take the first steps into new markets, particularly in developing countries.

To help achieve this goal, the Centre offers the Climate & Renewable Energy Finance e-learning course and two training programmes: The Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance Summer Academy & Executive Training. Not only has the knowledge and experience built up over the last 8 Summer Academies to offer an even more exciting new learning programme, but we have also developed a more specialised and tailored programme for more senior-level practitioners working in the field of climate and sustainable energy finance.

The Programme

The 2019 Frankfurt Climate and Sustainable Energy Finance (CSEF) Summer Academy offers participants the chance to take a lead role in the climate finance story; including core coursework on the links between public and private sector finance, the impact of recent international climate negotiations, and policies and sources of financing to scale up and unlock climate finance.

During the summer academy participants are guided through the risks and barriers to private investment in climate finance, and learn to assess the financial viability of investments as well as the impact of public support instruments. Moreover, technical issues are part of the programme, with participants building up a toolbox of practical knowledge on RE project finance to ultimately build their own financial model.

The Executive Training in Applying Investment Theory to Climate Finance takes a deep dive in investment decisions and the theory behind it – applied to case studies and analysed in financial models. The course aims to equip participants with the tools to make complex decisions in the face of wider uncertainty in the climate finance world. Participants will learn to interpret the results from real world case studies and build on their financial modelling skills. Policy makers will gain the required understanding to confidently engage in the policy dialogue with investors. 

Administrative Details

The tuition fee for both the 5 day CSEF Summer Academy tuition and 5 day CSEF Executive Training tuition is EUR 3,750. The tuition fee cover all training materials, and full-board accommodation in single rooms for the duration of training including meals as well as transportation for site visits.

The Summer Academies are fully tuition based and not sponsored. Accordingly, participants have to cover the full costs of the training or find a sponsor. There are few scholarships available. (Please see Scholarship tab for details and register for our newsletter for more information). The participant group will be selected based on complementary experiences and backgrounds.

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