Climate Finance Readiness Training (CliFiT)

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Greenhouse gas mitigation and adaptation to climate change requires the mobilization of enormous financial resources in the years to come. The financing is being carried out in a complex environment – not least because resources are channelled through an increasing number of international funds and financing mechanisms.

The resulting challenges for decision makers in climate financing are manifold. Among others, they consist in getting an overview of financing options, access modalities and spending rules, understanding the diverse modes of access and funding priorities, or in addressing the difficulties of national public finance systems in absorbing the additional funding.

Against this backdrop, adelphi with financial support by GIZ within the framework of the CF Ready Programme on behalf of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany developed the interactive Climate Finance Readiness Training toolkit “CliFiT”. The training aims at assisting technical staff and decision makers from developing countries and emerging economies navigate the mentioned complexity. It should also enable them to identify ways to enhance capacities in their countries towards climate finance readiness.

Climate finance readiness training (CliFiT) is a dynamic, interactive approach to raising awareness and capacity-building among public bodies in developing countries and emerging economies. The overall objective of the training is to provide tailor-made support, strengthening the ability of countries to build a coherent national framework for climate finance, access international climate finance and spend funds in an effective and transparent manner.

The primary target group for CliFiT is people working in ministries and other public bodies where climate finance readiness (CFR) is a relevant issue. This may include:

  • Representatives of ministries for the environment, finance and planning, and other relevant line ministries

  • Representatives of National Designated Authorities (NDAs) and existing or planned National Implementing Entities (NIEs)

  • GIZ national staff and international think tanks in the area of climate finance and climate finance readiness

Participants in the training should already have at least some basic experience in the area of climate policy.

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