Climate Finance Training for Sector Experts (CliFiT4SE)

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With the international climate change debate moving from goal setting to NDC implementation, and implementation rather being the task of sector experts than of climate experts, there is an urgent need to reach out to this new target group.

The new “Climate Finance Training for Sector Experts - CliFit4SE” is addressed to sector experts, who have an interest in exploring climate finance options. Thus, CliFit4SE aims at providing one element to better link those in charge of developing and implementing projects to climate finance institutions who deplore the lack of bankable climate change projects and transformative project pipelines.

CliFiT4SE is a dynamic, interactive training approach to inform sector experts in developing countries and emerging economies about climate finance opportunities. The overall objective of the training is to provide tailor-made support, strengthening the ability of sector experts to apply a climate-lens to their sector and assess the relevance of sector projects for climate change adaptation and mitigation – and thus for climate finance. In addition, the training will contribute to enhancing communication between stakeholders involved in climate finance.

Specific learning objectives of this training are:

  • Understanding key criteria to access climate finance;
  • Enabling participants to take initial steps to set up a climate finance project;
  • Introducing participants to the logic and financing instruments of the Green Climate Fund (GCF)
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