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The Climate Initiatives Platform enables cooperative climate initiatives to register their action and to showcase their ambition and progress to the world. So far, this online platform has brought together more than 200 important cooperative climate initiatives driven by non-state actors. For each initiative more than 50 data points are provided, including on focus, goals, activities, participants and how to join. A separate section features information on monitoring, progress and impacts. With this it has become the most complete public source of information on cooperative non-state climate action.

The information on the Platform is open to all and easily accessible through a simple search and download function. Initiatives are able to update their own content on the Platform, and all the data are verified by the hosts to ensure accuracy. Data from the Climate Initiatives Platform have been utilized in past Emissions Gap Reports with the aim of assessing the potential and impact of non-state climate initiatives. Through these activities UN Environment supports the Marrakech Partnership, which also seeks to track real progress and report achievements rather than merely providing a podium for future ambitions.


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