NDC Implementation Roadmap Development: Guidelines for Small Island Developing States

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NDC Implementation Roadmap Development: Guidelines for Small Island Developing States is a step-wise guideline that provides a practical approach for Small Island Developing States (SIDS) implementing Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) under the Paris Agreement to develop their own NDC Roadmap in an integrated manner. The guideline assists in planning for implementation of the mitigation (or carbon emission reduction) aspects of an NDC, although parts of the documents also deal with adaptation implementation planning. 

The intended audience of this document are the key stakeholders involved in the development of an NDC Roadmap in a specific country. These can include government employees involved in national or sectoral planning, regulation, and implementation; employees of development agencies supporting governments, and consultants or institutions providing capacity building, technical assistance, and other services. This guidance addresses the challenges faced during designing and implementing sustainable climate change policies and national plans. The step-wise guidance includes: 

  • Review and analysis of sectoral data and broad national-level information 
  • Assessment of existing and potential mitigation actions and technologies, and their impacts and resource needs
  • Prioritization of actions 
  • Continuous and intensive engagement with stakeholders 
  • Documentation of the roadmap development process and results in a comprehensive and logical manner

Steps to create the NDC Roadmap include: 

Step 1: Preparatory actions and key considerations

Step 2: Review of data and  information 

Step 3: Fundamental analysis 

Step 4: Preparation for the NDC implementation roadmap

Step 5: Validation and finalization of the NDC implementation roadmap

This guideline takes the approach that an NDC Roadmap is a "living" document, meaning that information in final NDC Roadmap document represents the understanding of the country at the time it is published. The roadmap should be periodically updated to ensure validity, transparency, and accuracy over time as new information and technologies become available.

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