Cambodia National Strategic Plan on Green Growth 2013-2030

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March 2013
Document Type: 
Green Growth Plan
Government Entity: 
National Council on Green Growth
Coverage Date: 
2013 to 2030

The National Council on Green Growth (NCGG) becomes a fundamental mechanism in contribution to the implementation of the Global Green Economy Principles focusing on environment protection, economic development and poverty reduction approved by the United Nations in Rio+20 Conferences in Brazil in June 2012. Today, Cambodia takes the lead and is a role model in terms of green growth in the ASEAN countries, Aisa-Pacific countries and member countries of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI).

Green Growth principles focus on four pillars, namely economy, environment, society and culture to promote green growth, public health, quality of environment, people's livelihoods, and uphold of a national cultural identity. In order to implement the principles, the NCGG, with the general secretariat as a direct assisting institution, prepares legal formalities, policies, strategic plan, action plan, and programs on green growth for mainstreaming into the National Strategic Development Plan. In Cambodia, the Royal Government of Cambodia regards green growth as a win-win approach for sustainable economic growth moving towards a developed country in the future.

National Strategic Plan on Green Growth 2013-2030 has been prepared to boost Cambodian economy toward a green economy focusing on efficient use of natural resources, environmental sustainability, green jobs, green technology, and economic reform, placing more consideration into green incentives, such as green tax, green finance, more importantly green credit, green microfinance, and green investment.

The Plan includes the following strategic focuses:

  • Green Investment and Green Jobs Creation
  • Green Economy Management in balance with Environment
  • Blue Economy Development with Sustainability
  • Green Environment and Natural Resources Management
  • Human Resources Development and Green Education
  • Effective Green Technology Management
  • Promotion of a Green Social Safety System
  • Uphold and Protection of Green Cultural Heritage and National Identity
  • Good Governance on Green Growth