Vacancy at GGGI: State of Green Growth Research Intern

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15 May 2019
Organization: Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)
Duty station: Republic of Korea, HQ
Closing Date: 28 May 2019

The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is looking for a State of Green Growth Research Intern to support the Thought Leadership (TL) Department in the Investment and Policy Solutions Division (IPSD) to coordinate and support research and writing necessary to finalize the State of Green Growth Report.



The State of Green Growth Report is a flagship report serving as a core part of GGGI’s initiative to promote the model of green growth and to showcase successful country experiences and approaches, supplemented by data, analysis, and stakeholder engagement. Through this report, GGGI will share practical examples of successful approaches to green growth across the GGGI value chain and in multiple thematic areas. The report will also serve as the main vehicle for publishing and promoting results of GGGI’s annual Green Growth Index, describe analysis GGGI has conducted that assists countries in policy and investment decision-making. It will be built on a foundation of practical experience and robust analysis. The objective of the State of Green Growth Report is to provide a high-level platform for explaining, promoting, and ultimately advancing the model of green growth, built on a foundation of practical experience and robust, data-driven, and evidence-based analysis.


Who we are looking for

The assignment will include the followings but not limited to:

  • Supporting the Head of TL (who is serving as lead editor) and other staff through technical and content-based involvement in the preparation of the State of Green Growth 2019 report;
  • Coordinating with various contributors to the State of Green Growth 2019 Report, both in Seoul HQ and in country teams;
  • Conducting research to identify and refine selected statistics, facts, messages, strategies, case studies, and other information spanning green growth and sustainable development challenges, opportunities, and priorities described in the Report;
  • Supporting editing of individual chapters and the overall report, as well as contributed text in selected sections;
  • Assisting with compiling all components and sections of the Report, including the Green Growth Index, and reviewing and editing these into a single coherent document in support of the lead editor;
  • Support outreach and communications for the report, including finalization, dissemination, and promotion of the Report; and
  • assist with other tasks associated with the preparing, launching, and promoting the Report as necessary.



  • Fluency in English with exceptional writing skills in English;
  • Experience researching, writing, and/or editing (in English) in the fields of sustainable energy, sustainable landscapes, water and sanitation, green urban development, green finance and investment, climate change mitigation, or related fields;
  • A strong, clear understanding of green growth challenges and opportunities in developing countries, as well as global trends related to green growth; direct knowledge of or experience in green growth activities is an added strength;
  • Experience overseeing the preparation of one or more substantial technical publications, and with dissemination and promotion, are added strengths;
  • Ability to convert various writing styles into a coherent, integrated work product;
  • Direct experience working for or with an international organization and/or supporting or working in developing countries is a strength; and
  • Ability to work with people and teams reflecting diverse backgrounds and skills in a dynamic, international work environment.



Further information and details regarding this position can be found here.


The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) was founded on the belief that economic growth and environmental sustainability are not merely compatible objectives; their integration is essential for the future of humankind. GGGI works with partners in the public and private sector in developing countries around the world to put green growth at the heart of economic planning.

GGGI supports emerging and developing countries that seek to develop rigorous green growth economic development strategies. GGGI carries out research into various aspects of green growth theory and practice and facilitates the engagement of the private sector expertise and resources in the implementation of green growth strategies.