African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS)

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The African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) is a pioneering and leading African based international policy research organization working to harness applications of science, technology and innovation policy for sustainable development in Africa. ACTS' mission is to enlarge the range of policy choices for Africa’s sustainable development through high quality research, high level policy analysis and dialogue, capacity building and outreach.

ACTS works with global, regional and national scholars, policy makers, communities, public, private and civil society actors to:

  • Conduct high quality research, policy analysis and capacity building on harnessing applications of science, technology and innovation for sustainable development;
  • Broker and leverage science, technology and innovation research, knowledge and expertise for development policy making and practice;
  • Convene and facilitate evidence based, multi-stakeholder dialogue, debate and policy making;
  • Expand the African development policy space by putting issues critical to Africa’s development on global, regional and national policy agenda.
  • Promote science diplomacy for global development