Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)

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Founded in Brussels in 1983, the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) is among the most experienced and authoritative think tanks operating in the European Union today. Its main distinguishing feature lies in its strong in-house research capacity, complemented by an extensive network of partner institutes throughout the world.

The CEPS Energy and Climate House, which is the largest unit of CEPS, addresses a broad spectrum of challenges with an EU, policy-oriented focus and in the wider geopolitical context. The unit also acts as a ‘club’ for both EU and non-EU stakeholders and decision-makers to discuss and analyse possible solutions to today’s energy and climate challenges. The Energy and Climate Change House has a strong portfolio of work in the fields of circular economy, smart cities and green economy. The main streams of research activity in these fields include industrial sustainability, private and public investment for new business models, green value chains, resource efficiency indicators and circular economy/sustainable development policies.