Green Budget Europe (GBE)

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Green Budget Europe (GBE) is a European expert platform on environmental taxation and green fiscal reform. GBE advocates for more tax on pollution accompanied by reduced labour taxes. They believe this reform process – frequently referred to as a Green Tax Shift – should be done in socially equitable way.

Behind GBE's work is the realisation that properly pricing pollution is vital to society’s long term economic interests.

GBE brings together representatives of business, international organisations, ministries, NGOs, political decision-makers, the research community and civil society at EU level in individual European states, and internationally.

Their work includes:

  • Organising and participating in conferences, seminars, workshops and parliamentary hearings to foster dialogue and deliver progress;
  • Conducting and disseminating research and best practice to key stakeholders, networks, and the wider public;
  • One-to-one meetings with political decision-makers and others influential in policy-making to put forward their arguments and propose implementation strategies;
  • Responding to and commenting on on-going political processes, and highlighting potential windows of opportunity for reform in the wider media.