Institute for Climate Change and Adaptation (ICCA)

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The Institute for Climate Change and Adaptation (ICCA) at the University of Nairobi consists of a diversified team of experts and researchers drawn from across the University. Established in 2011, ICCA is dedicated to building the human capacity necessary to address the unique climate change adaptation needs of vulnerable communities. ICCA works through teaching, action-oriented research, the development of innovative technologies and community participation. It provides expert advice for national and regional policy formulation and implementation. ICCA leads the effort to adapt to climate change impacts through teaching, research, innovation and community participation. ICCA offers of formal training on climate change science and adaptation at the postgraduate level (Master’s and Doctorate). It also offers short professional courses for various climate change stakeholders in the public and private sectors, including NGOs.  ICCA serves these professionals through the undertaking of climate change and adaptation research and knowledge exchange; the development and implementation of action-oriented community outreach programmes; and the generation and dissemination of policy advice on climate change and adaptation.