Policy Research Center for Environment and Economy (PRCEE)

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The Policy Research Center for Environment and Economy (PRCEE) is an institution affiliated to Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), China. The mission of PRCEE is to offer policy support for the State’s macro decision-making and management over environmental protection based on the comprehensive and strategic researches of overall importance in the fields of environmental strategy, environment policy, environmental legislation and institution, and international environmental issues. PRCEE has conducted hundreds of national and ministerial policy research programs on environmental strategy, ecological civilization, green economy, green finance, environmental economic policy analysis, environmental public governance, environmental legislation, environment and society, global environmental governance, global sustainable development, environment and health, environment and trade and climate change. PRCEE has established a strong team with first-rate research capacity, and has been acknowledged as an influential policy research institution both at home and abroad.

In recent years, PRCEE has conducted in-depth research in the field of green growth. Since 2009, PRCEE has carried out a series of studies that sponsored or supported by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and MEP, and released the research report “China’s Green Long March” in November 2013. The China’s Green Long March report analyzed the progress and policies of green economy that embodied in the solar, wind and biomass energy, and cement and environmental industry sectors, as well as proposed the trends and policy options for China’s future green economy development. In 2013, PRCEE carried out a empirical research on “Indicator Tool for Green Economy Decision-making” that sponsored by WWF, developed an indicator system for measuring China’s green economy progress, assessed the status of China’s green economy at national and local level, and proposed policy recommendations for China’s green growth. In 2014, PRCEE conducted a scoping research on “China’s Green Growth Opportunities”, analyzed the opportunities and challenges of China’ green growth, and identified the priorities of China’s green growth in the future. Currently, PRCEE is promoting a cooperative research with UNEP in Jiangsu Province under the framework of Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE).