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The GGKP’s five managing organizations – the Global Green Growth Institute, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the United Nations Environment Programme, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, and the World Bank –  together form the GGKP Steering Committee. As the principal governing and decision-making body of the GGKP, the Steering Committee is responsible for approving GGKP’s strategy and overall work program and its decisions are taken by consensus.

The platform’s day-to-day operations are jointly managed by GGGI and UN Environment. Both organizations provide dedicated staff and consultants to the initiative and a GGKP office has been established in Geneva, Switzerland, to manage the work. This Management Team is accountable to the GGKP Steering Committee and provides regular progress updates and status reports on GGKP implementation.

Additionally, the Steering Committee has appointed an independent Advisory Committee made up of experts from around the world with deep technical or policy experience related to green growth research and practice. The Advisory Committee offers strategic advice and guidance on GGKP research programs, including:

  • Recommending key research topics and pointing to new and emerging fronts for priority research;
  • Identifying and nominating institutions and experts to serve on GGKP research committees; and
  • Suggesting potential sources of research funding.