Adding value to Ash and Digestate (AVAnD)

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Resource Recovery from Waste

The overarching aim of Adding value to Ash and Digestate (AVAnD): Developing a suite of novel land conditioners and plant fertilizers from the waste streams of biomass energy generation project is to identify and examine novel nutrient-recycling pathways and retention mechanisms to maximise soil sustainability and crop productivity.

For this purpose, bioenergy generation by-products (anaerobic digestate and biomass ash) will be combined and  their suitability as alternatives to the  finite mined-mineral P-and synthesised N-fertilisers will be assessed. As opposed to conventional fertiliser usage, this management will potentially conserve valuable resources while maintaining and/or boosting ecosystem environmental services.

The team is from Lancaster University, Stopford Energy & Environment, the James Hutton Institute and Aqua Enviro.

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Anne Velenturf
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